Revel to Launch Fleet of 50 Teslas for Ride-Share Service in NYC



On Wednesday, electric transportation company Revel announced plans for its all-electric ride-sharing service, using a fleet of 50 custom, modified Tesla Model Y electric vehicles (EVs) which will operate below 42nd street in Manhattan, according to a press release.

Revel’s employee-driven fleet is expected to help the company fund and accelerate the process of building out a fast-charging network of multi-stall stations, deemed “Superhubs.”

In the press release, the company explains that the infrastructure of a charging network is needed to help spur on the adoption of EVs, but that EVs are also somewhat needed to help bolster the charging infrastructure’s steep development costs – ultimately creating a “chicken-or-the-egg” issue which requires a better business model.

The combination of its ride-sharing service, which won’t force employees to use their own cars like Lyft and Uber, with its Superhubs is Revel’s answer to the business model question.

Similarly, ride-sharing service Turo recently announced moves towards offsetting 100% of its carbon emissions, though the service still includes largely internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, despite a growing breadth of EV listings. With Revel’s fleet completely made up of EVs, it won’t have any emissions to worry about offsetting.

Analysts have also pondered the use of a Tesla ride-sharing service, which would eventually support a driverless robo-taxi service, according to CEO Elon Musk.


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