Honda Targets 100% Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales in U.S. By 2040

Honda unveiled an electric SUV prototype at Auto Shanghai earlier this week, and in a new update, the company has made new pledges to strive towards electrifying and increasing safety in upcoming models.

The company announced today a target of selling 100% zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S. by 2040 on Thursday, in either battery-electric or fuel cell electric formats. That’s only 19 years from now and it appears the company is in no rush to make the transition.

Along with goals of realizing carbon neutrality in its products and practices, Honda is shooting for zero traffic collision fatalities in the company’s vehicles by 2050 in the new initiative.

The release also included plans for a new e:Architecture EV model platform, which Honda will begin to produce in the second half of the decade, supporting its goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2040.

To support the goal of achieving zero traffic fatalities in all of its vehicles and motorcycles, Honda also shared plans for a new, omnidirectional advanced driver assistance (ADAS) system it is developing, which is set to be added to its Honda Sensing technology.

Last month, Honda debuted the world’s first Level 3 autonomous driving vehicle, the Honda Legend, with plans to start cautiously into the Level 3 autonomy world by selling only 100 models. While the quality of the system has yet to be determined, the news came after Honda said it planned to be the first mass producer of Level 3 autonomous cars last year.