Elon Musk Confirms Fatal Tesla Crash Was Not on Autopilot, Slams WSJ

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Monday afternoon the fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S was not on Autopilot, despite what local police had suspected in Harris County in Houston, Texas.

Musk responded to Ahmad A Dalhat (@Amart15416132), who had questioned the Wall Street Journal’s take on the story.

“This doesn’t make sense. There are safety measures in place with the [Autopilot] Seat is weighted to make sure there is a driver, hands must be on steering wheel every 10 seconds or it disengages. Autopilot doesn’t go over the speed limits [over] limit [is] mpossible… Research pls,” said Ahmad.

Musk replied to Ahmad to say, “your research as a private individual is better than professionals @WSJ!”, slamming the Wall Street Journal in the process.

“Data logs recovered so far show Autopilot was not enabled & this car did not purchase [Full Self-Driving]”, said Musk, who added, “moreover, standard Autopilot would require lane lines to turn on, which this street did not have.”

Many mainstream media headlines quickly claimed victims who died in the Model S crash had Autopilot enabled, but according to Musk, this is not true at all.

On the weekend, Tesla shared its Q1 2021 safety report, with Musk highlighting a Tesla with Autopilot enabled has a 10x lower chance of accident versus an average car.