Tesla with Autopilot Engaged Nears 10x Lower Chance of Accident Than Average Car: Musk



Tesla released its Q1 2021 safety report today, detailing in the recent quarter “we registered one accident for every 4.19 million miles driven in which drivers had Autopilot engaged.”

Compared to Q4 2020, Tesla registered one accident for every 3.45 million miles driven when drivers had Autopilot engaged.

“For those driving without Autopilot but with our active safety features, we registered one accident for every 2.05 million miles driven,” explained Tesla’s update.

“For those driving without Autopilot and without our active safety features, we registered one accident for every 978 thousand miles driven,” which Tesla says compared to the NHTSA’s most recent data in the U.S., that number is at 1 car crash every 484,000 miles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to emphasize the positives of Autopilot. “Tesla with Autopilot engaged now approaching 10 times lower chance of accident than average vehicle,” said Musk on Saturday afternoon.

Musk also said “Passive Autopilot (sometimes called active safety) comes standard on all Teslas,” in response to a tweet from @WholeMarsBlog about how Autopilot looks out for Tesla drivers even when they’re driving manually.

It’s clear driving a Tesla means you’re in one of the safest vehicles around, and with Autopilot enabled, your chances of getting into an accident are even lower, based on Tesla’s numbers.


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