Tesla Model 3 Owners Can Apparently Now Upgrade from SR to SR+ for $2,000 USD



Photo: U/MyTeslaNova

The Tesla Model 3 offers multiple variants, including a Standard Range (SR) rated for up to 263 miles per charge, as well as a Standard Range Plus (SR+) which features up to 278 miles per charge.

However, it now appears Telsa is allowing these SR users to upgrade their vehicles to SR+ in the United States, according to Reddit.

User u/MyTeslaNova on the Tesla Motors subreddit, showed their screen with the phrase “Standard Plus” having just been added following the purchase of the upgrade, at a cost of $2,000 USD.

After the upgrade, the Redditor said the car saw the “extra range, immersive audio, and what feels like just slightly faster acceleration.”

To upgrade, the user explained that fellow Model 3 owners should schedule a service appointment and select “software” out of the options presented. The service center will then call users to process payment, or instruct them on how to do so within the app.

While the upgrade includes updates to the audio and driving speed within about an hour, the original poster says that the battery configuration may take 2-3 days to fully update. The process also includes the ability to direct message with service personnel from the app, allowing users to text back and forth with advisors.

Are you willing to spend $2,000 USD to upgrade your Model 3 SR to SR+?


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