Tesla Increases Price of Infotainment Upgrade to $2,000 for Model S/X



According to the company’s website, Tesla has changed the price of an infotainment computer upgrade for, the MCU2 Retrofit, to $2,000 (USD) for Model S and Model X vehicles with Autopilot 2 or 2.5 (via @tesla_adri), an increase of $500 USD.

Those with older Autopilot Computers, like many pre-2018 units of the Models S and X, are still eligible for the MCU2 upgrade’s old price of $1,500 (USD). Tesla dropped the price down from $2,500 to $1,500 back in January.

@Tesla_Adri also points out that, as explained by a Tesla employee, if a buyer purchases the MCU2 upgrade directly, they’ll have to pay the $2,000.

However, if they get the HW3 upgrade first – which is free for those with Full Self-Driving (FSD) – and purchase the MCU2 upgrade later, they’ll be eligible to pay just $1,500.

Essentially, the cost of the MCU2 infotainment center upgrade now includes HW3, which was previously included for free.

Tesla once again delayed the rollout of its HW3 retrofit rollout in Europe earlier this month, and it’s now expected to happen sometime during Q2 2021 – despite originally being planned for early March 2020, before being delayed to late March, July, and October, and finally, to the company’s current production plans of this year’s second quarter. CEO Elon Musk has largely blamed European regulators for Europe’s FSD delays.


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