Tesla Drops Price of Model 3 in New Zealand and Australia

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Tesla has lowered the price of its Model 3 sedan in Australia and New Zealand, as the company again continues to fluctuate its pricing around the globe.

Check out the price changes below for the Model 3 in New Zealand below, with Nathan Li (@4teslanz) noting his existing Performance order will reflect the new price drops:

  • Standard Range Plus: $69,990 NZD (-$5,000; was $74,900)
  • Long Range: $87,900 NZD (-$5,000; was $92,900)
  • Performance: $100,900 NZD (-$1,000; was $101,900)

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Australian users are also noting the Model 3 dropped in price as well, reports The Driven. Check out the pricing below now showing on Tesla’s website, showing drops of up to $4,000 AUS:

  • Standard Range Plus: $62,900 AUS (-$4,000; was $66,900)
  • Long Range: $77,900 AUS (-$4,000; was $81,900)
  • Performance: $89,900 AUS (-$1,000; was $90,900)

With Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai is producing Model 3 and Model Y for the Asia-Pacific region and the first batch of electric sedans landed in Australia back in February.

Tesla has changed the price of the Model 3 in the United States recently as well, as the dizzying number of price fluctuations continue. Other Tesla buyers in Canada are eager for a price change for the Model 3 in the country, as prices do not reflect current exchange rates.

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