Tesla’s Next Software Update Will Finally Improve Automatic Wipers Says Elon Musk



Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company was “almost ready” with Full Self-Driving beta 9.0, saying it would bring “massive” step change improvements for “weird corner cases” along with “bad weather”. Musk also dropped the bombshell that it would be “pure vision, no radar”.

Now, we’re hearing more about Tesla’s next software update as well from Musk. On Friday, Musk said, “next major software rev will do much better with automating wipers, seat heating & defrost.”

“Probable seat settings just based on occupant mass distribution should be possible,” said Musk, responding to a tweet from @AustinTeslaClub, that asked about the future of manual seat adjustment buttons.

Tesla owners have complained for years about automatic wipers on their vehicles not working very well. But now Musk is finally saying performance should improve for automatic wipers, while also indicating changes are coming to seat heating and defrost as well, in what sounds like positive news for owners that deal with cold winters, such as those in Canada, for example.

As for the seat settings based on a passenger’s “mass distribution”? That could mean if seats can detect a heavier person such as an adult, the seat changes would be different, say from a teenager or other smaller person such as a child. It’s unclear how this will work specifically at this time.

Again, Musk has long promised software updates to be coming soon. Tesla’s next FSD beta version, which will include a ‘download button’, is slated to come in April, according to the CEO, and it remains to be seen if that promise will be kept this month.

What new features do you expect to see in the next Tesla software update, known as version 11 and expected to debut soon?


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