Tesla Now Lets Canadians Order a Model 3 with 151 km Range Online

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Tesla now lets Canadians order a Model 3 with a software-limited 151 km (93 miles) of range online for $46,389 CAD ($36,891 USD) before provincial and federal rebates.

The company has long let Canadians order this Standard Range version via telephone, to meet the requirements of the federal government’s iZEV $5,000 CAD rebate program.

But now it’s letting new customers order this version online. The Tesla website for Model 3 is showing a tick box that reads, “Limit to 151 km range (est).”

The change was spotted by u/Alpha_Stream on Reddit on Thursday evening.

Now, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to order this Model 3, given its limited range, which would be cut considerably even shorter in a Canadian winter.

Earlier tonight, Tesla raised the prices of its Model 3 and Model Y in the U.S., while the Model 3 sedan now has a matching door trim interior, like those made at Giga Shanghai in China.