Tesla Director of AI ‘Likes’ Tweet Related to FSD Beta for Canada



Andrej karpathy tesla FSDbetacanada

It’s been 155 days since Tesla mentioned its Full Self-Driving beta would make its way to Canada at some point, as meticulously tracked by Canadian @MFrunker, who has tweeted daily asking about the beta.

Now, it appears we may have a sign FSD beta may be landing in Canada soon, as Tesla’s director of artificial intelligence and Autopilot Vision, Andrej Karpathy, ‘liked’ @MFrunker’s tweet today.

“OMG #FSDBetaCanada acknowledged. I can live a happy life now,” said @MFrunker.

It could be Karpathy just paying homage to his fellow Canadian Tesla owners, as the executive was born in Slovakia but moved to Toronto, Ontario, at the age of 15. Karpathy also is an alma mater of the University of British Columbia and University of Toronto as well.

In early March, Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided yet another update on the upcoming release of FSD beta to Canada, noting it “should be very soon.” He added, “many subtle differences between US and Canada roads, so harder than it seems.”

If and when FSD beta lands in Canada for testers, it would be the first country outside the U.S. to test the self driving software.


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