Tesla’s 62-Stall Supercharger in Santa Monica Still Has a Chance, Says City



In what could become the world’s largest Tesla V3 Supercharger station, Santa Monica’s city council approved a project for the construction of 62 V3 Supercharger stalls earlier this month. Later that week, however, the project was effectively paused through a zoning loophole placing the project in an Emergency Ordinance, and casting the fate of the Supercharger station into doubt.

On Monday, Santa Monica Daily Press reported that City Council members of Santa Monica may still entertain the possibility of the Supercharger project, which initially passed with a 5-2 vote, depending upon the timing of the project, and if other housing projects would need to be prioritized (via Teslarati).

Council member Kevin McKeown told reporters, “I’ve already been working with city staff to see if we can get Tesla and the property owner to come back with such a project.” McKeown added, “The Tesla site is at the intersection of major bus routes, with two bus stops, one on the boulevard and one on 14th Street. And while EV charging is a laudable amenity, one I have championed over the years, it could be done in a mixed-use format that provides housing as well.”

Alternatively, Council member Noelani Derrickson argued to move the Tesla Supercharger project out of the Emergency Ordinance status it was holding, which subsequently persuaded the Council to vote on a temporary hold for commercial projects like Tesla’s.

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