Tesla Releases Spring-Themed Wallpapers for Smartphones



Tesla’s vehicles are aesthetically-pleasing, to be sure, and a new update shared on Twitter includes a pack of wallpapers that will bring spring to life on any Tesla owner’s phone.

On Tuesday, Tesla China released new spring-themed wallpapers for its owners (via @ray4tesla) depicting Tesla’s cars amidst colorful spring backgrounds.

While the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is not included in the designs, since it has yet to be released, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this year that the truck’s final design was “looking good” – so hopefully the truck will be released later this year, to be included in Ray’s next seasonal phone wallpaper drop.

The current set of wallpapers includes mostly blue copies of Tesla’s Model S, 3, X, and Y vehicles. Each of the photos includes lots of greenery and blue skies, with one including a rainy scene for those that prefer the wetter conditions of spring.

Tesla shared them online via WeChat:

Ray also shared winter-themed wallpapers from Tesla in early December, which feature a handful of red and white Tesla models in snowy conditions.

Check out all of Tesla’s spring-themed Tesla phone wallpapers below:


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