Nova Scotia Announces $3,000 Electric Vehicle Rebate

Nova scotia hero

The province of Nova Scotia in Canada announced on Wednesday its new investments in climate change, which includes a new electric vehicle rebate.

Nova Scotia says it will invest $19 million CAD ($15.1 million USD) into rebates for clean heating of homes and also electric vehicle purchase.

Half of this fund will be invested into rebates for new and used electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and e-bikes as follows:

  • $3,000 CAD per new electric vehicle
  • $2,000 CAD per used electric vehicle
  • $500 CAD per e-bike

Nova Scotia says this provincial EV rebate will be on top of the $5,000 CAD federal rebate for new electric cars.

“Bold action on climate change is a priority. We know it’s possible to have a cleaner economy that creates jobs, supports a healthy environment and benefits all Nova Scotians,” said Premier Iain Rankin, in a statement. “Electric vehicles, more comfortable homes, healthier communities and careers in renewable energy and efficiency will help our province and the planet.”

There are close to 500 electric vehicles registered in Nova Scotia at present, with over 100 charging stations across the province.

Last fall, it was discovered Tesla was set to launch a sales center in Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia.

An entry Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus starts at $52,990 CAD. After the federal EV rebate of $5,000 CAD, and this new Nova Scotia rebate of $3,000 CAD, the $8,000 discount drops the price to $44,990 CAD ($35,882 USD).