Tesla Coming to Halifax with Showroom and Service Center Says Job Postings

Tesla has not been shy about starting new locations, and the newest addition has Canadian enthusiasts in Nova Scotia enthralled.

Now, electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla is coming to Halifax after a handful of new jobs were posted in the area, as reported by the Journal Pioneer.

Among the jobs listed are Gross Sales Advisor, Industrial Discipline Service Electrician, and a Cells Materials Engineer.

The company’s Sales Advisor job listing says the new employee “will support customers from the moment they walk into our showrooms to learn about through to their delivery day experience.” It later indicates the employee will “(e)ngage walk in guests.”


The new Tesla location will include a showroom and service center, and while it isn’t clear where it will be built yet, it will likely be in Nova Scotia’s capital city of Halifax.

On the move to Halifax and if it would present significant competition, David Giles, vice chairman of used electric automobiles ALL EV Canada, said, “I feel it may be actually good.” He continued, “When one of many massive gamers like Tesla jumps on board and strikes into the Atlantic area with a gross sales centre, it actually says they actually see massive development in Atlantic Canada, as they’ve seen in Vancouver, Ontario and Quebec.”