Tesla Model S Refresh Has Larger Side Repeater Cameras [PICS]



Tesla’s new, much larger side repeaters on its recent Model S refresh. Photo: Twitter user @CodingMark

Tesla’s most recent Model S refresh has been out for a few weeks now, and it’s starting to pop up in the wild more regularly.

In a Model S refresh sighting from the weekend, @CodingMark pointed out the updated larger, new side repeaters on the sedan.

The original images were taken by @nickrgeorge on the weekend, for Tesmanian.

Now much larger than the old Model S side repeaters, Mark posted three cropped images of the sensor, and it’s safe to say the updated model is getting ready for a heavy Full Self-Driving (FSD) load with the size of those cameras.

With regards to Tesla’s future FSD endeavors, CEO Elon Musk has already attempted to justify the company’s valuation as the world’s most valuable automaker by citing upcoming Robotaxi efforts.

A robotaxi service will allow the company to make a relatively passive revenue using only its electric vehicles and their impressive FSD brains, which can already be seen performing complex driving tasks in a number of videos across the internet.

In any case, the Model S refreshed repeaters probably depict the direction most of Tesla’s future cars will pursue, especially if it plans to capitalize on a robotaxi service. And while they may be big, the future potential of FSD is much, much bigger.

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