Ingenext Boost SR Debuts for Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, Adds 50 HP for $808 USD

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Canadian third-party accessory maker Ingenext has announced the Boost SR for the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range and Standard Range Plus.

This module will add 50 horsepower to your entry Model 3 and reduce 0-60 mph times by 0.6 seconds. The company showed a video online of a Model 3 going from 0-60 mph in 4.61 seconds, down from 5.3 seconds for a 2019 Model 3 Standard Range.

A Model 3 with the 980 motor is required for the modification, says Quebec-based Ingenext.

As for affecting your Model 3’s warranty? Ingenext says, “When visiting a Service Center or when a technician visits your home, it is recommended that you remove the device beforehand. Installation and removal takes only a few minutes.”

“Any purchaser or user of the Boost 50 module releases Technologies Ingenext and all its related companies from any responsibility regarding the full or partial validity of the manufacturer’s warranty following the use of this equipment. We are not responsible for any modifications the manufacturer could do to your car (ex: turning off some features etc.),” says its website.

Ingenext announced last August it was planning a boost module for the Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

Last August, Tesla’s 2020.32.2 software update cracked down on Ingenext’s Boost 50 modification, showing owners the message, “Incompatible vehicle modification detected,” and “Potential risk of damage or shutdown.”