Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost Upgrade Gets Improved 0-60 mph Time



Model y new accelleration boost

Back in September, Tesla launched an Acceleration Boost upgrade for its Model Y compact SUV, which brings an improved 0-60 mph time. The upgrade is available an in-app purchase within the Tesla mobile app and is also available online on the web.

The $2,000 USD upgrade would improve the Model Y acceleration from 0-60 mph, allowing it to be achieved in 4.3 seconds (instead of 4.8 seconds), a 10% improvement.

But now, it appears Tesla has slightly improved the Model Y Acceleration Boost upgrade, according to @tesla_adri. The upgrade is now showing a 0-60 mph time of 4.2 seconds, a one-tenth of a second improvement.

According to other Model Y owners on Reddit, this change happened back in October, but may have been missed for those not following the improvements.

You can see a screenshot of the old Model Y boost showing 4.3 seconds below, while the new screenshot above shows 4.2 seconds.

Model y accelleration boost

Now, the decision to purchase the Model Y acceleration boost is up to you. You can watch these videos to decide for yourself if itโ€™s worth it.


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