You Can Now Buy Tesla’s Model Y Acceleration Boost for $2,000

Tesla model y acceleration boost

Tesla has released an Acceleration Boost upgrade for its Model Y compact SUV, available as a $2,000 USD purchase. This addition matches what has been available from Tesla for the Model 3.

The Acceleration Boost offers an improved 0-60 mph time, from 4.8 seconds down to 4.3 seconds (it should have been 4.20 seconds in typical Elon fashion), shaving off a half-second.

According to the purchase option, Acceleration Boost for Model Y Long Range All Wheel Drive requires the Tesla 2020.36 software update.

The Acceleration Boost option for Tesla Model Y was spotted on Reddit by user VividPen4, earlier this evening. It’s also available in Canada for $2,700 CAD.

How to purchase the Acceleration Boost for Model Y? It’s available in the Tesla mobile app and online. For iPhone users, all you have to do is check out with Apple Pay and your Tesla Model Y will instantly be slightly faster–a 10% boost.

Why the sudden introduction of Acceleration Boost for Model Y? It’s the perfect timing for Tesla to boost revenue for its end of quarter push.