Tesla 2020.36.12 Software Update Rolling Out to the Fleet



Tesla software version 2020.36.12 has started rolling out to the fleet on Wednesday evening.

According to TeslaFi, software update 2020.36.12 was found being released on a Tesla Model Y in Washington, in the United States. Other Model Y owners also saw the 2020.36.12 software update from Tesla received in New York City, New York.

No word on what’s new in this update yet, but most likely it will address bug fixes and other issues. Some Model Y owners have reported random reboots while driving and other drivetrain errors and warnings.

Not much has changed in this update, but NotATeslaApp has shared release notes, which look the same as 2020.36.11:

  • Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta)
  • Navigate on Autopilot (Beta) – Exit Passing Lane
  • Autosteer Stop Sign and Stop Light Warning
  • Green Traffic Light Chime
  • Driving Visualization Improvements
  • Speed Assist Improvements
  • Suspension Instrument Panel Display
  • Cruise Set Speed Improvements
  • Pedestrian Warning (China, Taiwan): “The pedestrian warning sound has been updated due to regulations.”

Let us know if you’re seeing 2020.36.12 from Tesla on your Model Y and if it fixes any bugs you’ve been experiencing.

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