Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost Review: Is It Worth It? [VIDEOS]



Tesla model y acceleration boost

Tesla recently offered an in-app purchase acceleration boost for the Model Y, bringing the feature to its latest compact SUV (it is also available on Model 3).

For a cool $2,000 USD, you can tap a few buttons and instantly make your Tesla Model Y faster by half a second. Is it worth it? A couple of videos have reviewed the Tesla Model Y acceleration boost purchase and shared thoughts on whether it’s a worthy upgrade or not.

The Kilowatts detailed the purchase of the Tesla Model Y acceleration boost, which requires Wi-Fi for the update to install.

After the acceleration boost was installed via an over-the-air update on the AWD Long Range Model Y, its 0-60 mph time was able to hit 4.33 seconds, a half second faster than the previous 4.84 seconds, prior to paying for the upgrade.

The channel said there was a “noticeable difference” with the Tesla Model Y acceleration boost, noting “wow, that was quick.”

A second video shared today by Tesla Raj also takes a look at the acceleration boost for Model Y.

After testing the paid upgrade for the acceleration boost on Model Y, they were able to get a 0-60 mph in 4.32 seconds, resulting in a similar time as The Kilowatts. Tesla Raj said “get it, it’s pretty damn amazing!”, noting it is definitely worth it if you want to make your Model Y AWD faster.

The Tesla Model Y acceleration boost is only for the AWD Long Range version and not the Performance version.

Did you plunk down some cash for the Tesla Model Y acceleration boost? It’ll help soccer moms and dads get to practice and games faster in their Model Y!

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