Tesla Model Y Performance Crushes Entry-Level Porsche Taycan in Drag Race [VIDEO]

We’ve seen Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) go head to head in drag races with the Porsche Taycan before, but this is the first drag race we’ve come across which features Tesla’s Model Y.

In a video shared Tuesday by the Edmunds YouTube channel, we see a Tesla Model Y compact crossover SUV take on an entry-level Porsche Taycan in a 0-60mph drag race.

Claiming that they paid $70,000 (USD) for the Tesla Model Y Performance, compared to $80,000 (USD) for the purchase of the Porsche Taycan, the crew also says they’re hoping to compare the models’ performances based on sheer price point.

The results are…surprising, to say the least.

Despite the Porsche Taycan’s status as both a luxury vehicle and a sedan, it’s arguably expected that the Taycan would blow the Model Y Performance out of the water. However, the first race shows the Model Y Performance totally smoking the Taycan, beating it out by a few seconds. In the races which follow, the Taycan manages to keep up a little better, though all three feature the Model Y as the winner.

It just goes to show how powerful Tesla’s vehicles really are – that all of them seem to be able to successfully take on Porsche’s best and newest EVs.