Quebec’s Lion Electric Signs Deal for 60 Zero-Emission School Buses

On Tuesday, Lion Electric announced a deal with Quebec-based transportation company Autobus Groupe Séguin for the sale of 60 zero-emission, electric school buses, according to a press release from the company.

According to the release, Lion will deliver the first 10 buses throughout 2021, to be used for the 2021-2022 school year. Following a successful trial with the first 10, Lion is expected to deliver the remaining 50 buses through 2026.

Stéphanie Boisvert, Autobus Groupe Séguin said in a statement, “We are happy to continue the pioneering tradition established at Autobus Séguin by participating in this current wind of change, and by making this important shift towards the electrification of school transportation.”

Boisvert continued, “Lion Electric, which will assist us in the transition and integration of these new buses, is an ideal partner for the success of this project. Ultimately, our ambition is to electrify our entire fleet of more than 310 school buses by 2030.”

The deal between Lion Electric and Autobus Séguin received a hefty contribution from the government too, through Quebec’s Transportation Electrification Action Plan.

Lion Electric recently announced a separate deal with Amazon to supply 2,500 electric trucks, adding to the company’s recent fleet of all-electric Rivian Prime Delivery Vans.

At any rate, it’s especially good to see larger vehicles with more road action on average going green. Since buses, transport trucks and vans, and the like, travel so frequently, switching them out for zero-emissions versions will significantly cut carbon emissions, setting an important precedent for others on the road too.