Tesla Increase Price of Powerwall to $7,500 USD

Tesla’s Powerwall is an excellent at-home or at-work charging solution for Tesla owners and business owners alike. While it is most commonly used with Tesla’s solar customers for storing power, it’s also been traditionally tough for Tesla fans to get their hands on one of these, due to growing incentives in places like California helping Powerwall demand to skyrocket.

On Sunday, Tesla raised the price of its Powerwall from $7,000 to $7,500 USD, as reported by Electrek. The move comes just a few months after Tesla raised the Powerwall’s price from $6,500 to $7,000 USD.

The listed price also doesn’t include the cost of the $1,000 USD Gateway, the Powerwall’s “brain,” so to speak, along with the actual installation of all the hardware, which costs another whopping $3,500 USD.

Still, you pay for what you get with the Tesla Powerwall. With the ability to store power at home becoming more and more significant in the age of solar and electric vehicles (EVs), Tesla will likely be able to set the Powerwall’s price to whatever it wants – that is, until actual competition catches up and starts selling its own power storage solutions.

As the electric world continues to grow, Tesla will remain a major player in the electric storage sector – and perhaps the dominant major player, too. For now, the Tesla Powerwall is increasing in price, but hopefully, we’ll see a future where this technology is commonplace for the average household, leading to lower costs, better currents, and less deterioration of our planet.