New Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. Overview: Jan. 10-16



Image: User “Jerry Ham” on the TMC Forums

Here’s a list of all the new Supercharger locations in the U.S. that have gone live this past week, courtesy of data from Supercharge and the patrons of the TMC Forums:

Date OpenedLocationNumber of StallsPower RatingOfficial Listing
Jan. 14, 2021The Sheetz at 1804 Tappahannock, Tappahannock, VA8250 kWTesla
Jan. 16, 2021The Willows Shopping Center at 1975 Diamond Boulevard, Concord, CA16250 kWTesla

Looks like we have another slow week on our hands, with only two new Superchargers opening up in the U.S., but we do see many coming on the horizon.

On a brighter note, the Concord location is a pretty sizable 16-stall installation that is bound to take some of the workload off the nearby 19-stall V2 Supercharger and offer Tesla owners in the area a significant power output upgrade.

Both new Supercharger locations that have gone live this week are open 24/7 and are equipped with top of the line V3 Superchargers capable of delivering power outputs of up to 250 kW per car.

For those north of the border, a new 8-stall V3 Supercharger just opened up in Bancroft, Ontario.

You can check out this list here of upcoming Superchargers coming to the USA and Canada.

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