Existing Tesla Model S, Model X Stock Liquidation Hints at Refresh



On Thursday, we reported on a rumor that Tesla was looking to start producing refreshed Model X and Model S units as soon as February 2021. In the newest update, rumors of refreshed Model X and Model X units on this timeline are only seeming more and more likely, and personally, we’re all for it.

According to electrek, sources familiar with the matter said Tesla is currently instructing all employees to liquidate and sell off all remaining Model S and Model X units by the end of this month. The move indicates a significantly-increased likelihood that the company will start production on the newly refreshed Model X and Model S in February.

Production lines for both the Model S and Model X have been shut down for almost a month now, which was the original reason for speculation as to the refresh.

A recent rumor from @teslaownersSV says Tesla will discuss the Model S and Model X refresh during its upcoming Q4 2020 earnings call, set for January 27.

Tesla fans are ready for the new Model S Plaid, announced last year, which will require a number of updated production needs. And fortunately, as it appears, they just might get it come the spring.


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