Tesla Needs to ‘Go All Out’ to Hit 500,000 Production Milestone Says Elon Musk

As we approach the final days of 2020, Tesla is pushing one last time to hit its goal of 500,000 cars produced and delivered in a single year.

A leaked email from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to his team, obtained by Electrek, details employees will need to “go all out” to have half a million cars built and delivered.

“After today, we just have 5 days to go to achieve the historic milestone of 500,000 cars built and delivered,” explained Musk.

“Please go all out to make it happen. This is a great milestone to rally the company around achieving. All the critics who, as recently as two years ago said that we’d never make it, also called our target of half a million in 2020 “impossible”. The heck with them, we are doing it!”, noted the email.

Musk emphasized, “Particular help would be appreciated at end of the line to ensure cars built now are able to be delivered immediately without any further improvements in PDI, as there simply isn’t enough time to do so.”

The CEO ended the email to say he hopes “everyone was able to spend some time with loved ones this holiday season and has an amazing 2021.”

Yesterday, Tesla released the first part of its holiday software update, bringing forth new features such as ‘boombox’, allowing owners to play music and sounds from the outside of their cars.