Hands-On: Tesla Holiday Update 2020.48.26 with Boombox Feature and More [VIDEOS]

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Earlier today, Tesla released its 2020.48.26 holiday software update (also showing up as 2020.48.25 for some).

CEO Elon Musk later clarified Tesla did not have enough time to release all the new features, and said more are coming soon.

One of the coolest features is the Boombox feature, which lets Tesla owners play sounds and music outside their vehicle. I mean come on, who doesn’t want their Tesla to sound like an ice cream truck?

To see a hands-on with the 2020.48.26 holiday update, you can check out some of the first impressions videos below from YouTube:

Tesla Canuck


Tesla Owners Online (go to the 7-minute mark to see a Boombox demo)

YouTube video

Tesla Photographer (go to the 4-minute mark to see a Boombox demo)

YouTube video

Update: here’s another hands-on holiday software update review from Northern Tesla:

YouTube video