Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Tackles San Francisco’s Lombard Street Again [VIDEO]

In a new follow-up video uploaded by Tesla Raj on YouTube, Raj takes his Tesla back to San Francisco’s Lombard Street to test out the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta on one of the windiest streets in the United States – and maybe even the world.

While the FSD system seems to have major improvements since its last brush with Lombard Street, namely to its speed regulation and turning, it’s still getting stuck in the same spot on the street.

In the challenge spot, the car seems to be unsure as to whether it should continue driving down Lombard or if it should pull into a nearby driveway. Obviously, Raj and the Tesla Raj team want it to continue down Lombard street, so they use a cone to help guide the Model 3, and try the test again.

Later, however, the crew was able to remove the cone, and the FSD system has one perfect run. At the very least, the video is a major improvement on the last attempt, and it shows how much incremental updates can change this system, given that it has received 5 updates since the last video.

YouTube video

As FSD technology continues to improve into the future, we’ll likely see incredible future versions of these systems, something that just about anyone can get behind.