Tesla to Improve Model 3, Model Y Production in Q4 Push: Report

As Q4 comes to a close, it’s no surprise that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is making a big push to deliver as many vehicles as possible – it’s simply on brand for Musk and Tesla, after a number of other end-of-quarter pushes have been witnessed in just this year.

According to electrek, Tesla has already reached its fourth-quarter goals for Model S and Model X deliveries, and the company is now focusing on bolstering Model 3 and Model Y deliveries – especially in California and China, where they may be able to squeeze out a few extra deliveries due to local factories.

As a result, Tesla will completely cease Model S and X production for up to 18 days, as previously reported by CNBC.

Tesla stated earlier this year that it hopes to deliver 500,000 vehicles by the end of 2020. If they are to reach this goal, they’ll need to deliver roughly 181,000 more vehicles in Q4, which is over 40,000 units greater than its last quarterly record.

Tesla is already incentivizing new Model 3 and Model Y deliveries by offering customers free Supercharging in 2021, if they take delivery before the end of the year.

While, in other parts of the world, Tesla has already produced the cars it plans to deliver, the Fremont factory is looking to improve turnaround for its production to delivery, in order to get as many of its cars out the door as possible before the end of the year. Whether it reaches its goal of 500,000 deliveries in 2020 or not, the company has had an incredible year, and is likely looking forward to an even better 2021.