Elon Musk Asks Tesla Employees to “Go All Out” for End of Q2 Push

image via Reuters

Tesla approaches the end of the second quarter of 2020. The company is still struggling to catch up after several negative impacts felt by the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. However, with some promising prospects and some equally shaky reports, uncertainty remains high as to whether or not the company will post a profit in the second quarter. A leaked email from Elon Musk sheds some light on the company’s internal state as they near the quarter’s close.

As CNBC reports, the email carries a tone of urgency. Its main focus is the production line. In the email, Musk tells workers to “go all out.” He even says “breaking even is looking super tight.” But this phrasing remains ambiguous, as reports point out. “It’s not clear whether ‘breaking even’ was referring to the company’s profit margin, which may require it to sell a certain number of vehicles during the quarter, or another metric, like production numbers versus expectations or previous quarters’ figures.”

In any case, Tesla looks to report its second-quarter numbers next week and will detail important information for Tesla shareholders and investors moving forward. With possible inclusion into the S&P 500 on the horizon, Q2 looks like an important quarter for the company, as breaking even during a pandemic would be truly impressive.