Tesla Semi Spotted in Fremont Again, Acceleration Sounds Amazing [VIDEO]



A Tesla Semi spotted making a left turn at an intersection in Fremont, California. Photo: Reddit user u/sk33ny

Tesla’s all-electric semi design is a spectacle, to be sure, but it’s unclear when exactly it will hit the road. Still, many companies have already placed orders for hundreds of the truck, so any appearances out and about wouldn’t be completely unprecedented.

In a new video shared to Reddit, a Tesla Semi is seen making a protected left-hand turn at an intersection in Fremont, California. The video, as shared by Reddit user u/sk33ny to the Tesla Motors subreddit, is a good depiction of both how the truck accelerates, and how little sound it makes when driving. That electric motor sounds amazing when the Semi accelerates in the left turn below:

Previously, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the Tesla Semi would be able to have a range of 621 miles with the use of the company’s 4680 battery cell design. The prediction is head-and-shoulders above any other predicted electric vehicle (EV) range, and to see it come true would be an incredible, albeit necessary, feature for truck drivers and companies alike.

As the world continues to make the switch to zero-emission transportation, companies like Walmart have already begun planning to dedicate portions of their semi fleet to EVs only. Once Tesla’s Semi becomes the standard, the reduction in environmental impacts made by supply chain needs will be almost palpable; a need for a world on the cusp of climate crisis.


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