Tesla Now Gives Free Access to Repair Manuals, Service Info and More

By doing a little maneuvering around the company’s website, one can gain access to repair manuals, service information, vehicle diagnostics, and more, according to a Tweet from user @greentheonly on Thursday.

The tweet explains the process, in which the owner must create an account on Tesla’s service page and set the country to China, with access level set to “diagnostic and software.” Then, the site will direct you to a registration screen. However, instead of clicking “register,” you’ll press the sign-in button which will bring you to the service site, using the provided credentials.

Finally, you can go to Tesla’s toolbox page, which will give you access to online and offline copies of service manuals for any of its cars, and allow you to unlock the car’s diagnostic port by plugging a computer in.

In addition, the tweet explains that European customers can also request remote access to a specific car using the VIN number and owner’s email address, though Tesla will have to approve the request, unlike the above method. In both cases, the access to information about Tesla’s internal hardware is a big win for mechanics and owners alike.

While it’s likely connected to a recent right-to-repair law, any Tesla owners who like to tinker can now do so to their hearts’ content.