First Teardowns: SpaceX Starlink Dish and Router [VIDEOS]



SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet was recently made available for a limited public beta in parts of the United States and Canada, and those trying it out so far are sharing rave reviews about the new technology.

In videos uploaded earlier this month, YouTube channels Kenneth Keither and Turtle Herding have uploaded videos sharing the breakdowns of SpaceX’s Starlink user interface as well as the included router, respectively. Both videos show viewers what’s actually inside the Starlink hardware, previously a mystery, as the hosts go through the process of breaking them down and talking about what’s inside.

On Thursday, we reported that SpaceX had been outsourcing the construction of its Starlink user interface, the satellite dish, to a company called STMicroelectronics. Now, we have a chance to see some of the company’s internal hardware up close and personal.

The Starlink low-earth orbit satellite model is a unique one. Instead of having satellites orbit in outer layers of the atmosphere, SpaceX is experimenting with its Starlink satellites at much lower heights and in much greater volume.

SpaceX was also recently testing its hardware out on Gulfstream jets, signifying future plans for the technology to work within swiftly-moving vehicles.

While the look inside the hardware is pretty cool, SpaceX’s Starlink will be even cooler for rural customers when it opens to the public and allows anyone to benefit from its services. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for videos like the two below.

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