Tesla Model Y Range Increase Coming, Hints Software Update



Tesla’s latest firmware update started rolling out to Canada and US customers on Wednesday, and the results are telling.

Software update 2020.44.15 from Tesla includes a surprise efficiency package for the latest Model Y refresh, entitled MY_2021 – leaving many speculating as to whether the update will increase range for the Model Y, as reported by Green, or @greentheonly on Twitter.

While the update largely contains bug fixes and other small updates, the possibility for a range increase to the Model Y isn’t unlikely, and it wouldn’t nearly be the first time Green was right. Still, there has been no official news of the range increase yet, as we await a more widespread user experience with the updated efficiency package.

So far, Tesla appears to be unifying parts between the Model 3 and Model Y. We reported on how new Model Y deliveries are now getting auto-dimming side mirrors, metal scroll wheels and a glovebox USB port, all features from the latest Model 3 refresh.

Earlier in the year, Green also predicted that Tesla would build HEPA filters as well as a Bioweapon Defense Mode into the Model Y, according to their research. While the changes have yet to come to the Model Y as far as we know, it could definitely still happen.

Tesla recently registered Shanghai-built Model Y units with the Chinese government, meaning that Chinese Tesla customers will soon see the crossovers on their home turf, without having to have them imported.

In any case, any updates to a Tesla’s firmware literally make it a better car, so even if the efficiency package doesn’t improve the Model Y’s range, it certainly will help optimize the EV’s capabilities.


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