Tesla Model Y to Get ‘Flat Fold’ Third Row, HEPA Filter with Bioweapon Defense Mode

Tesla has some more goodies coming for Model Y, according to hacker @greentheonly.

According to @greentheonly on Thursday afternoon, the hacker says 7-seater Model Y configurations will include a “flat fold” for the extra third row. This should enable a flat trunk for storage for these extra seats.

Also coming for Model Y is a HEPA filter, along with Bioweapon Defense Mode, which has long been available on Model S and Model X. This feature clears and purifies the cabin air of pollutants and has been very popular in polluted cities in China and even during forest fires in California.

The hacker also says, “Standard/Adaptive air suspension made reappearance on 3/Y so it’s also certainly in the works.”

“As is customary – I don’t know WHEN it’ll come, but given on timing of the already released stuff – perhaps quite soon? Otherwise why show it to me, right?”, added @greentheonly.