Boring Company Approved to Expand into Downtown Las Vegas



Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is getting ready for his Las Vegas Boring Company tunnels to expand, hopefully for the benefit of traffic congestion in the Nevada city.

On Tuesday, Las Vegas planning commissioners officially approved the Boring Company and Musk’s plan to create tunnels underneath downtown Las Vegas, as reported by Fox 5 News. The tunnels are set to reduce traffic significantly and cut back on commute times, and are eventually set for production in cities beyond just Las Vegas.

The new route is set to run beneath Las Vegas Boulevard between Stewart and Sahara Avenue, and including certain parts of Ogden Avenue. Businesses in the area are also hoping the tunnels will improve struggling businesses in the area.

Paul Murad, a real estate broker with Metroplex Realty, said “I think a lot of people, especially those who like to have local experiences when they travel, are going to appreciate the opportunity to come quickly to downtown Las Vegas, especially the Arts District, Main Street and the surrounding area.” Murad continued, “It’s a great place for people to get a feel for what Las Vegas was and what it is now,” he said.

The Boring Company has also announced plans to unveil operations in Austin, Texas in the near future. As the company plans to expand operations in Vegas, it will also require approval by the Las Vegas city council before it can create its downtown tunnel.


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