First Tesla Seen Entering Las Vegas Boring Company Tunnel



In a video originally shared to Reddit and Twitter by user @ArmandVervaeck, and reposted by @LasVegasLocally, two Teslas are seen entering the first Las Vegas Boring Company tunnel (via Tesmanian).

Many on Twitter and Reddit speculated as to the precise meaning of the video. Whether it’s a station being built or simply a test of the tunnels themselves, the Boring Company plans to speed up transportation using these types of tunnels in cities across the US. The environmental impact of boring tunnels in the ground may not be the utmost in sustainability, though CEO Elon Musk has said in the past that they will improve both congestion on the road substantially.

On the exact purpose for the tunnel in the video, one user on Reddit wrote, “I suppose it could be some initial testing, but more likely it’s probably a tour (show off the LVCC Loop progress or for pitching Vegas Loop).” The user continued, “Given they can’t get out the ramp on the other end, due to the concrete form supports for the freshly poured ramp roof, then they’d have to turn around at Station 2. And without lines drawn at the stations, testing would be rather limited.”

“The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Board of Directors approved a contract to design and construct a Loop system for the Las Vegas Convention Center. LVCC Loop will provide fast and convenient transportation for convention and trade show attendees across the LVCC campus,” explains the Boring Company website.

Whatever the tunnel in the video is for, many fans of billionaire entrepreneur Musk are eagerly awaiting a larger network of Boring Co. tunnels to hit cities near them so they can try out the newly-proposed driving infrastructure rework – even if it’s still a few decades off.


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