Tesla Navigation 2020.48 Update Rolling Out in the U.S.

Tesla Navigation update 2020.48 started downloading for customers on Monday. Photo: u/cothaeto (Reddit)

Tesla’s navigation isn’t always perfect, and especially for some of its rural customers. However, many of these customers are hoping a new navigation update will fix major problems for Tesla’s navigation system.

A new navigation update, 2020.48, started to roll out to Tesla owners in the United States as far back as last week.

According to u/cothaeto on Reddit, a screenshot of the downloading update on the user’s infotainment system was shared on Monday. The update will likely include a number of map refreshes as well as fixes to other navigation-related bugs, and hopefully to speed limit regulations.

One user in the Reddit thread commented, “Hopefully my car won’t think all state highways are 55mph instead of 75mph now. Would be nice to use autopilot.”

According to hacker @greentheonly, this 2020.48-12628 update is 500MB larger than the previous 2020.12 maps version (11% difference).

While the most recent navigation-specific update, 2020.12, was released in March a number of overall software updates have been released in the meantime.

Recently, Tesla released its 2020.40.8.13 update to a limited number of customers, more widely known as the Full Self-Driving beta. Since then, the internet has seen no shortage of reaction videos, self-driving footage inside Teslas, and exciting, futuristic looks at the new technology.

Time will tell what the new navigation update means for Tesla customers – and likely within the next few days.