SpaceX Launches GPS Satellite for U.S. Space Force into Orbit



SpaceX launched a satellite with an advanced GPS system on Thursday on behalf of U.S. Space Force, as reported by The launch took off at 6:24 pm from Space Coast in Southern Florida, using SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets. The advanced GPS device, GPS III-SV04, touched down on drone ship Of Course I Still Love You, and will soon be entering regular orbit.

The launch from SpaceX comes just on the tail of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) launching its Atlas V rocket, scheduled to loft a US spy satellite from the launch site on Tuesday. However, the launch was delayed because of issues with the ground systems equipment, and will now be planning the launch for Friday.

Luckily for SpaceX, Thursday was a clear night, allowing viewers to follow along step by step as the launch was completed. The company, led by CEO Elon Musk, has also recently entered into a number of agreements with the Pentagon and the US military to deliver them a few new specialized technologies.

The original launch of the GPS equipment on Falcon 9 was scheduled for October 2nd, but the crew had to call it off due to an engine anomaly. Now, SpaceX has successfully completed its third GPS delivery, with a few more to come as the US military attempts to replaced outdated equipment of its current GPS constellation.


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