Tesla Model 3 Gets New EPA Range and Efficiency Ratings



As the years go on, electric vehicles (EVs) are growing more and more efficient, with increased ranges and battery capacities. And the good news is that we’re just getting started when it comes to seeing what EVs can do.

On Tuesday, the EPA’s official website updated range and efficiency ratings for the most recent iteration of the Model 3, as reported by InsideEVs.

The updated efficiency applies only to the Long Range models of the Model 3, while updated range was applied to both the Long Range and the Performance – the Standard Range, however, did not see an improvement in its EPA ratings for range or efficiency.

The updated numbers for the other Model 3 variants confirm early estimates by Tesla that were originally thought to have been snubbed by the EPA. Other EVs have hardly held a candle to Tesla’s cars in terms of range, battery capacity, or efficiency.

With an EPA-rated range of 353 miles, the 2021 Long Range Model 3 also decreased its energy consumption by 11%. Similarly, the Model 3 Performance has now been rated to reach up to 315 miles, with no substantial decrease in energy consumption.

Whatever the future holds for Tesla’s EVs, we’ll most likely continue to see improvements as the world makes the transition from conventional gas cars to all-electric, zero-emission vehicles.


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