Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Demo: Edna Valley Shown from 3 Camera Angles [VIDEO]

Tesla full self driving edna valley

Sofiaan Fraval from the Third Row Tesla Podcast has shared an excellent Full Self-Driving beta video filmed earlier this week, detailing his 17-minute drive through Edna Valley in California.

Fraval’s video is unique as he has four camera views, showing the road, steering wheel, Tesla display and his reactions while driving.

“Check out this route through Edna Valley driving entirely on FSD Beta for 17 minutes without any driver disengagements! FSD handled stop signs, intersections, cyclists, light rain, traffic lights and more!” explained Sofiaan.

The FSD beta demo was using Tesla software version is 2020.40.8.11 and was filmed on October 25, 2020.

YouTube video

While the route taken wasn’t exactly right in the city, it goes to show how travelling through Edna Valley can be totally hands-off with FSD beta, which continues to learn and impress.

Tesla is slowly releasing FSD beta to owners deemed safe and more and more are getting the beta software update in the United States, including Hawaii: