Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Demo: Hilly Gravel Road in North Carolina [VIDEO]

Tesla full self driving north carolina

We’ve seen our fair share of Tesla Full Self-Driving beta demos on city streets in California—but what about a hilly, leaf-covered gravel road in North Carolina?

Zeb Hallock recently gained access to Tesla Full Self-Driving beta and started sharing his videos on YouTube. His latest demonstrations, running Tesla FSD beta version 2020.40.8.11, took place on Sunday, October 25.

Here, Hallock shows how Tesla Full Self-Driving beta handles a twisty, unmarked and unpaved gravel road that also is hilly. It’s really impressive stuff.

While Zeb has his hands on the steering wheel, he explains, “I have no input other than tapping the accelerator if I feel like it’s going too slow. The car is completely on it’s own otherwise. If I actually moved the steering wheel, the blue circle would turn off, you see that when I get to the end of the road.”

“The entire time the car was moving except for the very beginning and when I was turning it around at the end of the road, the car was driving itself. My hands were only there for safety, so I could instantly correct it should the car make a mistake. I’m going to re-run that road (and a few others like it in the area) with my hands not gripping (but still very close to) the steering wheel on Tuesday,” added Hallock.

Other videos from Zeb include Tesla FSD beta ( 2020.40.8.11) driving in the rain:

“I do not work for Tesla and Tesla did not compensate me for this. I do run a Tesla owner’s club in [North Carolina]”, explains Zeb.

Below is the first FSD beta video shared by Zeb on Sunday, spanning nearing an hour-long, driving in central North Carolina:

Check out the videos above and tell us your thoughts in the comments about how you thought FSD handled the situations thrown at it by Zeb in North Carolina.