Tesla Model Y: New Double Pane Glass vs Old Glass Compared [PICS]



On the weekend we saw a picture of new double-paned windows on Tesla’s Model Y, but now we have the clearest image to see the major changes in glass on the company’s compact SUV.

As shared by Tesla owner @tesla_raj, we see a couple of images comparing the old Model Y front glass versus the new double-paned glass.

Tesla Model Y front glass—OLD:

Model y old glass

Tesla Model Y front double-paned glass—NEW:

Model y double pane new glass

Comparing the two images, it appears the double-paned glass is slightly thicker than its predecessor, which should offer better soundproofing for the Model Y cabin from exterior noise and the wind while driving.

It’s unclear which Model Y owners are getting this new double-paned glass, but the last time we wrote about this, owners with VINs from range 62XXX to 628XX cited their vehicles did include the thicker glass. There’s also no way to tell yet if it is possible to retrofit existing Model Ys with the old glass with the new glass.

A recent software update increased the Tesla Model Y range by 20 miles, while it was also discovered the SUV will eventually get Bioweapon Defense mode and HEPA filter.

Does your new Model Y delivery have this new glass or the old?


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