Tesla Full Self-Driving U.S. Price Increase Delayed, Monthly Subscriptions in 2021: Musk

After announcing a $2,000 USD Tesla price increase for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) add-on for Autopilot, originally set for Monday, October 26, CEO Elon Musk looks to have had a change of heart.

On Thursday afternoon, Musk said on Twitter, “Price change is pushed to Thursday next week. Applies only to US for now. One week clock will start in other countries as beta is released. FSD monthly rental will also be available sometime next year.”

The long-awaited FSD monthly subscription will take place sometime in 2021 says Musk. As for the FSD price increase in other countries, Musk says it’ll be a one week countdown once the FSD beta rolls out.

Musk was bombarded with replies from frustrated owners, asking why the price increase had short notice. Others also commented the price increase should be U.S. only, since FSD beta is currently only available in America. Musk quickly obliged.

So there you have it folks. Tesla owners in the U.S. have one week to make their FSD purchase decision: spend $8,000 now, or wait over a week and spend $10,000?