Tesla Full Self-Driving Price Increasing $2,000 on Oct. 26 Says Elon Musk [Update]

Full self driving autopilot

After the first lucky owners showed off Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software update, version 2020.40.8.10, it’s now clear how impressive and transformative the Autopilot rewrite has become.

With that being said, Full Self-Driving will soon increase in price by $2,000 USD, starting on Monday, October 26, announced Elon Musk on late Wednesday evening. The add-on costs $10,600 CAD in Canada, and surely exchange rates won’t help the change coming Monday for Canadians.

“Now that Tesla FSD beta is out in limited release, FSD price (new or upgrade) will go up by ~$2k on Monday,” said Musk.

Currently, FSD is an $8,000 USD add-on to Autopilot. If you’ve been hesitant about buying FSD, now may be the time to jump on it, before Monday’s price increase.

Update: It sounds like the FSD price increase may only be in the U.S., for now, according to Musk. The CEO was asked, “Only in the US or worldwide? Given regulatory restrictions are still in place (& I believe FSD beta is US-only for now), price should only go up when functionality is the same as in the US,” to which Musk just replied with “sure”.

Update Oct. 22: Musk now says the FSD price increase has been delayed one week–and it will be USA only for now.