Tesla Tops Traditional Automakers in Top 100 Global Brands List

In a new feat, Tesla has landed itself a number 40 spot on the 2020 Interbrands Top 100 global brands list, heading back into the coveted brands list.

The news should be meaningful for the electric vehicle (EV) and clean energy brand, especially after being snubbed by the S&P 500 committee. Still, the company is expected to join the index and experts think it’s only a matter of time – maybe a long time, though.

According to Interbrand, “Tesla’s brand – its flag in the future – has driven demand and advocacy from its inception. Not only that, it has also built enormous liquidity by attracting and retaining a loyal following of retail investors.”

Tesla managed to land a spot just above numbers 41 and 42, Netflix and Ford, an especially large blow to the conventional gas car company Ford. Other conventional gas car brands included in the top 50 but behind Tesla on the list were Audi and Volkswagen, ranked at 44 and 47, respectively. Additionally, Hyundai landed at 36, just a few spots ahead of the all-EV brand.

Other new entrants to the list included Instagram, YouTube, Johnnie Walker, and Zoom, landing spots of 19, 30, 96, and 100, respectively.

According to the Interbrands report, Tesla’s market capitalization has expanded 769% in the past 12 months, along with a 10% increased revenue in the past 6 months.

“Leadership, engagement and relevance are three consistent themes we are seeing as brands try to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape,” commented Charles Trevail, Global CEO, Interbrand, in a statement. “They are the keys to unlock results in the current crisis, building customer confidence and business resilience. By setting out powerful ambitions and pursuing them with courage and conscience, brands can help us lift our heads, make sense of chaos, and see beyond it, championing a new decade of possibility.”

Tesla was also included in the 2017 Interbrands list, but disappeared in years since. Now, on the cusp of the Cybertruck release, and a number of new locations and operations, Tesla is back on the list – and they’re not likely to leave again this time.