New Tesla Model 3 Power Trunk Spotted, Powered by One Strut on Driver Side



Tesla’s Model 3 power trunk has been seen in the wild, as shared by Tesla YouTube channel Tesla Raj.

This week Tesla updated its Model 3 by adding a factory chrome delete, heat pump, new center console, increased range, new wheel options and more—including a powered lift gate.

Model 3 power trunk

In the photo, we see there is one powered strut on the driver’s side only to open and close the Model 3 trunk. Others noted this is similar to the Model S, which also has just one powered strut for the trunk. The Model 3 powered trunk’s circular close button is seen on the right side.

It’s unknown if you can set the open height on the Model 3 powered lift gate, like you can on the Model Y. Existing Model 3 owners can only hope Tesla will offer a factory retrofit option to add a powered lift gate.

In the meantime, third-party power liftgates for from Hansshow are available for your Tesla and they ship worldwide. Use coupon TESLANORTH to save 15% off.

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