Tesla Model 3 Prices Slashed by 8% in Norway

All of Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) have received range increases and price cuts around the world this week, with the Model 3 looking better and better in the auto market.

Now, Tesla’s Model 3 prices have been cut by roughly 8% in Norway, as reported by e24. Price drops occurred across each model, with the new starting price listed at 399,900 kroner ($42,718 USD or $56,310 CAD) for the Model 3 standard range plus.

The Long Range and Performance models also saw their prices slashed, now selling for 449,900 kroner and 499,9000 kroner, respectively.

Note: These figures equate to $48,056 USD or $63,353 CAD for the Long Range model and $53,397 USD or $70,399 CAD for the Performance model.

Evan Sandvold Roland, Tesla communications director, told reporters, “We did not want to reduce the prices of the cars until we knew we were capable of delivery.”

With these price cuts and other incremental changes recently made to the Model 3 around the world, it’ll be interesting to see if the VW ID.3 remains the highest-selling EV in Norway, or if the Model 3 will advance back into first.

Either way, it’s exciting to see the pricing for EVs begin to take shape in consumer markets around the world. With the globe on the cusp of climate crisis, any price cuts EV companies can offer will serve to make sustainability more accessible to the masses – a benefit to our own and all future generations.