Tesla 2020.40.3 Displays Software Update Download Speeds



Tesla screen showing the download speed for a software update. Picture courtesy of Reddit user u/mahkus11

Tesla just finished refreshing its entire line this week, complete with price drops and range increases. Along with the changes, Tesla’s current software update contains a few surprises too.

Namely, Tesla’s update 2020.40.3 displays download speeds for future updates, and the feature is admittedly pretty practical. The news was shared on Reddit to the Tesla Motors subreddit by user u/mahkus11 on Thursday.

The update, which came out earlier in October, also included major updates to the Autopilot Pathfinding system. Along with the upgrade, each software update typically also includes incremental updates, such as the removal of the “enable” button after entering a pin to drive so that the screen simply recognizes the pin entered correctly before advancing.

Some users on Twitter reported issues with their Tesla Model Y Autopilots hitting on-ramp curbs after the update. This and other, similar complaints did arise after the 40.3 update, though reception to the update was largely positive.

As software updates for Tesla models continue to roll out, we can look forward to the next several years of watching Tesla refine and perfect its electric vehicles for the consumer market.


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