Tesla Autopilot Pathfinding ‘Smooth as Butter’ in 2020.40.3 Update [VIDEO]



Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that the full self-driving beta for its Autopilot driver assistance program would be beginning soon for a limited number of people.

In a new Autopilot update, YouTube channel The Tech of Tech released a video Sunday in which the host, Cameron, shows off Tesla’s Autopilot pathfinding system. The video largely shows the host driving around using the Autopilot function, including a lengthy breakdown of its pros and cons.

Cameron’s cruise shows many examples of the Autopilot system at work, including a few complicated intersections, lane assistance, and updated, smooth turning, hence the title of the video.

The video was also posted to Reddit’s Tesla Motors subreddit, on which Reddit users discussed their experiences with the 2020.40.3 Autopilot update from Tesla.

One user commented, “I will say, on single lane roads with sweeping turns (typically in the 45-55 mph variety), I’ve noticed mine a little too close to the centerline for my comfort on the new update. Wondering if you’ve picked that up too?”

He continued, “Interesting about the speed limit sign being offset as well, because I ran into a similar problem with a mid-rotated stop sign. I came up on an intersection where I DIDN’T have the stop sign, but the intersecting road did. Their stop sign had a bit of rotation to it (about 45 degrees) and my car wigged out and stopped.”

Other Tesla drivers in the past have also noted some complaints about the driver-assistance system, including a recent report which showed how easy it is to trick Tesla’s Autopilot system.

Still, the updates seem pretty clear, and given how for Autopilot has already come in improvements since its inception, it’s likely to continue improving drastically in the coming years.

How are you finding Autopilot in 2020.40.3?


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